The Benefits of Having Your Damaged Car Hauled on a Flatbed Tow Truck

22 February 2021
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As a car driver, you never know when you'll need roadside assistance due to a breakdown or accident. That's why you should always stay prepared by having a towing company's emergency contacts with you every time you're on the road. 

There are several methods that towing companies use to transport damaged vehicles. Each method has specific advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered in determining the best way to have your car towed. Although on the more expensive side, flatbed towing is considered one of the best towing options for damaged cars. Read on to find out why you should consider having your car hauled on a flatbed tow truck.

Further Damage to Your Car Can Be Avoided

One of the greatest advantages of car towing using a flatbed tow truck is that additional damage to the towed vehicle can be prevented. The damaged vehicle is hauled with all four wheels off the ground. This means there's no need to adjust its drivetrain to allow for movement of the wheels, as would be required when towing with dollies or tow bars.

Your car will simply be pulled into the flatbed in the rear of a tow truck, securely fastened on it, and transported to your preferred location free of any additional damage.

It Is a Safe Way to Tow Your Car

Out on the road, tow trucks can pose a serious hazard to road users. However, there are proven ways to ensure safety when towing cars with tow trucks. To start with, the car to be towed can only be loaded onto a tow truck rated to handle its weight. This eliminates the risk of tow truck accidents due to overloading. 

Additional steps that can be taken to ensure safety during car towing include:

  • Ensuring proper load securement before starting any journey
  • Watching out for signs of unstable loads
  • Using brake lights and signal lights to warn other drivers to maintain a safe distance from loaded tow trucks
  • Ensuring tow trucks are regularly inspected and maintained

Done correctly, flatbed towing is one of the safest methods of moving your car from one location to another.

Because there's always the risk of your stranded car suffering additional damage and posing a hazard to other road users when it is being moved to a safer location, you should care about how it will be handled during towing. For more information, contact a towing company near you.