Planning Your Family Road Trip This Summer? Here’s What to Check Before You Hit the Road

16 August 2016
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You know what they say, the road trip of a thousand miles begins with a vehicle that is in good condition! Traveling over a long distance often means being a long way from home, and the city. An Aussie road trip is a time to bond with your loved ones, and there is no better way to visit the kangaroo land and the spectacular beaches than to plan in advance and avoid road travel breakdowns. Read More 

Is Your Car Telling You That It’s Unsafe to Drive?

13 July 2016
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There are certain mechanical problems you may be facing with your car that make it obviously unsafe to drive; if the brakes go out or you cannot control the steering, then of course you want to have your car towed to a repair shop. However, there are other times when you may simply be overlooking certain telltale signs of serious mechanical issues. Note a few of those signs here so you know when you should have your car towed rather than drive it, even to a shop. Read More 

Towing Services | Choosing the Right Towing Company

1 March 2016
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Just think about it, what happens when your vehicle shuts down in the middle of the road or refuses to start after an accident that renders your car useless? Such instances find people off guard because very few take the time to familiarize themselves with a good towing company. You'll be better off being prepared for anything. So if you're looking for the perfect towing service, here are some things to put into consideration. Read More 

Should You Get Your Car Towed or Just Keep Driving?

16 February 2016
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Chances are no one likes the idea of getting their car towed, and many car owners will try to keep driving their car even if they know it's having a mechanical problem. They may assume they can easily make it to a nearby service station if the car can still move forward, ignoring the damage they're doing to the car. While you may not like the idea of calling a towing service, note when it's good to get your car towed versus driving it. Read More 

The Different Types of Tow Trucks Typically Used For Vehicle Haulage

1 February 2016
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Although most vehicle owners may require towing services at one time or another, not many know that there are different types of tow trucks that are used for these services. The choice of tow truck used on your vehicle will ultimately depend on the reason why you need to be towed, as well as your budget. Here are some of the different types of tow trucks that are typically used for vehicle haulage. Read More