2 Signs Your Horse Float Trailer's Axle Needs a Repair

25 July 2023
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Your horse float trailer uses an axle to support and spread its weight and load. This is a pivotal part. If your axle is damaged, broken or has a fault, then you might not be able to tow your trailer safely; your axle could then also damage other parts.

Read on to learn about how to spot signs of axle damage on your trailer.

1. Look for Visual Signs of Damage

You should inspect horse flat trailer axles periodically to check that they are in good shape. Sometimes, you can spot damage or wear just by looking at the axle. If you see that a part of the axle is cracked, bent or loose, then you immediately know that you need a repair.

Rust is also a concern. While small spots of rust might not be an immediate worry, large areas of corrosion are a more serious problem. If rust eats through a part, then your axle could break. You could have a serious accident when you are towing the trailer.

When you inspect your axle, check your tyres too. Their wear patterns can tell you if you have an axle problem.

For example, if you can see that tyres on one side of your trailer are more worn than the tyres on the other side, then your axle might not work correctly. It isn't spreading its weight loads evenly between the two sides.

Finally, take a few steps back from the trailer and look at its position. If you have an axle fault, then one side of the trailer might stand lower than the other.

2. Look For Driving/Towing Changes

You'll always be aware of your trailer when you tow it. However, any changes to the way it runs can be a sign of an axle problem.

For example, you might notice that the trailer starts to vibrate more than usual when you are driving. You might hear unusual noises from the trailer such as bangs or clunks.

Often, a faulty axle affects the way the trailer handles. If your axle has a loose connection or a break in a part, then your trailer might sway from side to side too much. Its response to turns might be more extreme or slower than usual.

An expert mechanic can fix some axle faults. For example, they might be able to clean up minor areas of rust and then rust-proof the trailer. They can fix loose connections and replace some broken parts.

However, in some cases, it's not cost-effective to repair an axle; you might need to have it replaced. To find out about your options, take your trailer to a horse float repairs specialist.

For more info about horse float servicing, contact a local company.