Towing Services | Choosing the Right Towing Company

1 March 2016
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Just think about it, what happens when your vehicle shuts down in the middle of the road or refuses to start after an accident that renders your car useless? Such instances find people off guard because very few take the time to familiarize themselves with a good towing company. You'll be better off being prepared for anything. So if you're looking for the perfect towing service, here are some things to put into consideration.

Consider availability

The thing about accidents is that you can't predict the time or day they will occur. That's why you need to be very careful about your selection. Availability of the company is an important aspect that should not be underrated. Some companies simply have 8-5-hour shifts each day. Cancel them out of your list. You need to pick a company that is available on a 24-hour basis all through the week.

Additionally, the company should also provide extra roadside support services. Sometimes you may need to jump start your car or change its tires.

Technology they use

With the growth of technology in all sectors, a good company needs to adapt and adopt such tech. Their towing vehicles also need to be designed for your car. There are various different towing configurations nowadays. They range from hitch trucks that are meant for light weight vehicles to pintle and lunette combinations that are meant for heavy duty construction applications. So ensure that they have the necessary towing vehicle for you.

Additionally, ask them about their truck maintenance and how often it's done. The equipment needs to be in good condition at all times to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Know the credentials

You have to ascertain that the company has got a reputable staff. Towing isn't a job you can give to anyone and expect a perfect job done. Considering that they will be handling one of your most priced possessions, the least you can do is talk to the staff. There should be advanced tools at the facility using latest technologies. The staff should also be licensed to handle such towing vehicles. They should have a Tow Truck Certificate License.

Choose one close to you

Advertising happens all over, so just because you've seen an ad in your street doesn't mean the company is close by. You don't want to make the call during an emergency and then get your car towed miles away. You'll have to drive all that way to get it and in addition, you'll pay for the towing costs. Use your smartphone and know the exact location of the company and where you are and then pick the best one.