Planning Your Family Road Trip This Summer? Here's What to Check Before You Hit the Road

16 August 2016
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You know what they say, the road trip of a thousand miles begins with a vehicle that is in good condition! Traveling over a long distance often means being a long way from home, and the city. An Aussie road trip is a time to bond with your loved ones, and there is no better way to visit the kangaroo land and the spectacular beaches than to plan in advance and avoid road travel breakdowns.

Ensure your Insurance is up-to-date.

Going on a road trip might be a few days journey up to a month or two, depending on the sites you plan to visit. An insurance cover may cushion you from extra expenses in case your car breaks down. Make sure that the policy extends past the period of your planned excursion. Most importantly, remember to confirm that it covers car towing services. Inquire from your agent and a towing company like United Tilt Tray Service to find out the services offered under roadside assistance.

Need referrals of the best towing companies?

You probably have a few friends and family who have taken advantage of a car towing service when they got a flat tire or ran out of gas on their road trip. They are the best source of finding out the company that offered the best and most convenient services. Get a list of towing companies in the areas you plan on visiting and carry out a background check yourself. Key services that should be available in the service list are towing limits in miles, on-time arrival guarantee, lockout assistance, dead battery service, tire change, gasoline delivery and car rental service. Also, ensure that the company operates a 24-hour service.

Carry a repair kit and supply pack.

There's no telling when you might veer off into that ditch or burst your tire. If you are miles away from town, having your own kit prepared will give you peace of mind, and you'll be better placed to handle the situation before the tow truck arrives. Your safety pack should include a few bottles of clean drinking water, snacks, sunscreen lotion, a warm blanket, steel cables with hooks, light flares and a flashlight. A spare tire is also a must. Have a notebook that contains the towing service contacts as well as contacts of mechanic supply shops that you will pass by. With these, you can enjoy your road trip without much worry.