3 Pieces of Two-Wheel-Drive Towing Equipment You Must Not Lack In Your Towing Business

25 January 2016
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If you are looking to start a towing business, you should know that towing methods matter when it comes to two-wheel-drives. If you tow a vehicle with two of its wheels on the ground, you risk damaging the vehicle's transmission system.  And the principle not only applies to two-wheel-drives, but also to four-wheel-drives. So what are the best towing options for a two-wheel-drive?

1. A Trailer

A trailer is the best option for all types of vehicles for one reason: it keeps all the wheels off the ground. The advantages of using a trailer are more pronounced. For instance, the tires of the towed vehicle will avoid the wear that tires suffer from when they come into contact with the ground. Another one is that the odometer records no mileage. And besides bolts and chains, you do not need any other item to secure the vehicle to the trailer.

2.Two Dollies

Two dollies are two-wheeled trailers with slots and ramps that the front tires of the towed vehicle can nestle into. They are perfect for towing front-wheel drive type of vehicles because the rear tires are not connected to the drive shaft, which means that the driving power is only distributed to the front tires. The rear tires are also not connected to the engine; hence the odometer records no mileage when a vehicle is being towed.

Towing a rear-wheel drive with a two dolly is a bit complicated. You need to minimize the damage on the transmission system of the car being towed by removing its drive shaft. If the drive shaft is off, it means that there is no connection of the rear wheels to the engine. The wheels will just spin along the axle.

3. A Tow Bar

A tow bar is a set of bars that are made to form a triangular shape. One point of the triangle attaches to a ball hitch of the tow vehicle using a coupler. The other end -- the wide end-- attaches to the bumper of the vehicle being towed. With a tow bar, all tires of the towed vehicle must come into contact with ground. If the transmission of the two-wheel-drive vehicle being towed is manual, you can avoid transmission damages by setting it to a neutral state first. Then you must disengage the parking brake before proceeding with towing. If the two-wheel-drive is automatic, you may have to use some accessories to protect the transmission such as an axle-lock, or a lube lump.